Tank Gauging System

We work with world-leading manufacturers.

Petro Online has an agency for Rosemount Tank Radar AB's products in Norway.

The all-new Raptor tank gauging system offers an open architecture and virtually unlimited possibilities. Total flexibility, unparalleled safety characteristics and outstanding cost efficiency in installation and system configuration are some of the benefits. Simply put, no matter what your next challenge is, Raptor will be ready.

The cabling is simplified into a 2-wire bus and we offer a smart, self-organizing wireless network solution for demanding sites. 

Raptor components can emulate and connect other vendors’ equipment and can easily adapt to varying needs within the same installation.

What is more, the open architecture promotes a futureproof system design that will help protect your investments. Add to that the supreme accuracy, reliability and world-wide technical support that come with Rosemount Tank Gauging standards. 

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