PLC & Field Instrumentation

The PLC system used for Accella Process Control is Omron. 

It is modular and scalable and is built up according to the customer’s demands for functionality and redundancy.

The Accella PLC’s open, flexible and modular design enables it to easily handle signal input and communication from equipment & instrumentation used in terminal automation.

The Accella PLC system can handle standard communication solutions, including Profibus, Ethernet with TCP/IP, Device Net and OPC. Decentralized solutions are also available through use of remote I/O’s, even in hazardous areas.

Overall, the Accella PLC system provides a cost effective solution that is based on standard hardware product.

The Accella TAS system is typically delivered with driver’s terminals, as described on the following page, and an optional separate ID system. Accella can interface to all other field equipment & instrumentation, such as temperature sensors, flowmeters, additive injectors, pumps, valves, etc. It is the customer’s choice to supply these components or to have them included in the TAS delivery according to his description.

Normally Accella is delivered with a driver’s interface based on a display terminal from Stahl. The terminal is EEx classified for use in zone 1. Protection class IP65.

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