Automated Supply Chain Management with Accella in Denmark

Kalundborg Refinery is Denmark’s largest oil refinery, and their terminals in Kalundborg and Hedehusene supply the entire region with fuel.

Kim Gronemann is the manager of the terminals where Accella plays a central role in an automated system.

  • Accella is the tool we use from import to export, including stock management and flow control, all the way to billing our customers. In other words, we utilize Accella throughout the entire chain.

The terminal in Hedehusene is located 76 kilometers from Kalundborg and is directly connected via pipelines. Hedehusene distributes to tank trucks 24/7, and Kim and his team have full control and management of product flow, monitoring, security, loading, and reporting with the help of the Accella system.

Kim has been with the company for 27 years, back when it was named Statoil when he started. “It hasn’t been a typical 8-16 job,” says Kim, who is genuinely interested in technology. Kim has a high level of expertise in terminal operations and the automated systems they operate. In the context of Accella, the installation is a relatively advanced configuration with many features in use.

  • One significant advantage of choosing Accella is the very short downtime at the terminal during commissioning. When Accella was first installed in this project in Denmark, it was 100% pre-configured in-house before commissioning. The terminal was shut down on a Friday afternoon and was already up and running with the Accella solution by Tuesday.

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